1. Walk a Mile in Someone Else’s Shoes

Treat Others as They Would Like to be Treated

We work in an environment where bringing parties together, understanding their individual needs and finding common ground is often a challenge. We believe that competing points of view can often be harnessed when one takes the time to be understanding of differing opinions. Treating others respectfully and working together to truly understand our client’s challenges is the key to solving problems and is at the core of achieving success.

2. Make Momma Proud

Do the Right Thing

You should never miss an opportunity to do the right thing. We always strive to deliver our best efforts, achieve the best quality results and to provide the greatest value for our clients.

Sometimes this means advising that project objectives may be unrealistic or perhaps even unachievable. It also means owning our actions and making things right. When appropriate we will go above and beyond our mandate to make our work mean something to the clients and communities we work for.

3. Every McIntosh has a Core

Be a Leader

Inside each and every one of us there is a leader. Leadership takes many forms. Whether through quiet efficiency or enthusiastic dedication to getting things done, we all have the capacity to lead.

Leadership is measured by the character of the individual, by his or her willingness to succeed and help their colleagues and clients succeed. Our team is made up of hundreds of leaders united in getting things done for our clients, for our firm and for our communities.

4. Pass. Shoot. Score.

Becoming Excellent Together

We constantly strive to improve ourselves and those around us. In our organization improvement and excellence are not about chasing awards to display in boardrooms and reception areas, nor is it a theoretical or academic exercise separated from the real work we do on a daily basis.

Rather we understand excellence as a journey we take together to improve our performance and to deliver on our objectives and our client’s expectations. Excellence is not a destination that can be reached overnight, nor is it an individual achievement.

Teamwork is central to our success. It requires dedication, commitment and an unwavering desire to be the best at what we do.

5. Always Put the Cap on the Toothpaste

Personal Responsibility

Corporate responsibility begins with each and every one of us. Having a Culture of Responsibility means being responsible for your actions and taking ownership of the results.

It is an act of respect for our clients and for our colleagues. It defines us as individuals and ultimately will define us as a company worthy of the trust and loyalty of our clients and deserving of the respect of our peers.

6. Don’t Forget to Cut the Ribbon

Making a Difference

As a successful company, we recognize that the work we do matters to our clients. But we are also aware that our work can impact the lives of individuals and often of whole communities. Whether it’s a new bridge, a better highway, a new school, plans for a neighbourhood or research that improves our environment, our work has value beyond contractual agreements. We can make a difference. Let’s be sure and celebrate the difference we make.