Highway 43:00


As part of Alberta Transportation’s ongoing construction of the North/South Trade Corridor (NSTC), ARA was selected to provide engineering services for the realignment of Highway 43 and adjacent CN Rail line around the community of Beaverlodge, AB.  The bypass includes control sections 43:00 (km 44.000 to km 48.290) and 43:02 (km 0.000 to km 6.100).

This project includes several unique aspects including the realignment of the CN Rail line which currently runs through the town of Beaverlodge, as well as modifications to the Town of Beaverlodge sewage lagoon. Also included in the work will be construction of several at-grade rail crossings with automatic crossing warning systems and bridge culverts.

ARA completed the design for this project, and as well as completing the survey and preliminary engineering requirements, which includes assessing the impacts that the various utility companies, environmental factors and railway conflicts will pose on the project.

ARA provides a design that best suits the area and the project requirements. Once design is complete, ARA will complete the Tender package and provide Construction Supervision and Contract Administration, which will also include all quality control/assurance material testing, surveying and utility coordination for the project.

Total Civil Works: $3.7M