Hwy 63:04 Twinning Wandering River


The accelerated twinning of Highway 63 was completed as part of the Alberta government’s commitment to building Alberta’s economic future and providing a transportation network that helps move goods across Alberta to local, national or international markets.  This section of Highway 63 was the first completed section of Highway twinning under this initiative between Fort McMurray and the Town of Athabasca.

As Prime Consultant for multiple Alberta Transportation Hwy 63 twinning contracts, ARA completed the grading of a 17 km section of Hwy 63:04 extending from north of Wandering River to south of May Tower and the base and paving contract of 34 km from north of Wandering River to south of House River. For all assignments, the scope of services included preliminary engineering, detailed design, tender package preparation, and post construction and warranty inspection. In addition to grading, base and paving, highway and culvert design, the Hwy 63 projects involved several aspects typical to the region including areas of geotechnical concern involving muskeg and underground springs and numerous environmental issues surrounding wildlife, fish habitat, and wetlands. As Prime Consultant, these projects required extensive coordination by ARA of a variety of sub-consultants and specialists retained to complete our team.

Total Civil Works: $89M