Hwy 727:02 Spirit River


The project consisted of construction of a new alignment of Highway 727 as the existing alignment was sliding and was becoming impassible. The project included construction of a new alignment through two river valleys as well as upgrading other portions of the existing Highway 727 alignment.  Two major river crossings were constructed in very unstable valleys.

ARA has completed the design and construction of 2 separate contracts for the realignment of Highway 727 through the Ksituan River and Howard Creek valleys near Spirit River, Alberta.  The first contract completed in 2010 included the construction of two large cast-in-place concrete culvert bridge files through 2 unstable river valleys and the subgrade construction to a typical cross section designed to allow for future base and paving.  Construction requirements also included the installation and monitoring of geotechnical instrumentation to monitor ground movements around the culvert locations through the river valleys.  The Base and Paving of the realigned roadway was completed in 2011 under a separate contract.  As the Prime Consultant for both projects, ARA completed all Project Administration, Survey and Material testing requirements along the new alignment and Bridge File construction sites.

Total Civil Works: $41M